In this video, I’ll teach you 7 value investing rules & strategies that Warren Buffett used to achieve high returns and can help you improve your long-term ROI.

00:00 – Warren Buffett
01:31 – Rule 1: If A Business Does Well, The Stock Will Eventually Follow.
02:21 – Rule 2: The Vast Majority Of News Is Noise, Not News!
03:31 – Rule 3: When You Buy A Stock, Plan To Hold It Forever.
04:24 – Rule 4: Only Pay Attention To Those You Know And Trust.
05:39 – Rule 5: Know What You’re Getting Into Before You Invest.
06:52 – Rule 6: Be Afraid Of Others Who Are Greedy, And Greedy When Others Are Afraid.
08:20 – Rule 7: Purchase At A Price To Intrinsic Value.

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